Who we are

Liquisto is a tech-driven company that provides a comprehensive solution for the effective management and efficient monetization of excess inventory.

Our vision is to contribute to sustainable manufacturing through our portfolio of digital solutions.

We help you where it counts: sustainably improving revenues, freeing up working capital, reducing waste and avoidable costs, and reinforcing a circular economy.

We believe that making inventory management more efficient should not be a zero sum game, but a gain for all stakeholders involved.

Our philosophy is to come full circle for our customers, both alleviating the symptoms and mitigating the causes of excess inventory.

If you would like to know more about how we accomplish our mission, please get in touch.

Our Trusted Partners


Humphrey Yeboah


Aernout Verhallen


Advisory Board

Robert Bach

Managing Director
@ Beam

Christoph Ranze

Founder & CEO
@ Encoway

Christoph Beumer

Chairman & CEO
@ BEUMER Group

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Email: info@liquisto.com


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